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Classical biological control projects have been conducted to establish these two parasitoids in a number of countries invaded by d. Populations on this plant can be extremely high and therefore inspection of this plant may be the best way to survey for asian citrus psyllids halbert 2006. This disease is responsible for the destruction of several citrus industries in asia and africa manjunath 2008. Biology and management of the asian citrus psyllid, diaphorina citri kuwayama, in florida citrus. Diaphorina citri, the asian citrus psyllid, is a sapsucking, hemipteran bug in the family liviidae. Chemical control of diaphorina citri kuwayama hemiptera. Citri, importantes, depredadores, cantidad, biologico, crop, croprotection. Biology, history and world status of diaphorina citri. The asian citrus psyllid, diaphorina citri, is a sapsucking, hemipteran bug in the family, psyllidae. Liberibacter spp, detectandose solamente 2 muestras positivas. Eggs are laid singly inside halffolded leaves of the buds, in leaf axils and other suitable places on theyoung tender parts of the tree. Biological control of diaphorina citri hermosillo, sonora. It has a wide distribution in southern asia and has spread to other citrus growing regions.

In spite of an array of biological control agents attacking. Microbial control has a potential current niche in citrus regularly sprayed with insecticides. An overview of biological control of diaphorina citri. The asian citrus psyllid, diaphorina citri kuwayama, is widely distributed in southern asia. It is an important pest of citrus, as it is one of only two confirmed vectors of the serious citrus disease, huanglongbing or greening disease lallemand, j. Prevencion del huanglonbing hlb a traves del control del. Mature female adults lay eggs on immature vegetative. A preferred host is murraya paniculata, an ornamental that is widely grown in southern florida. Diaphorina citri is confined to the plant family rutaceae, occurring on wild hosts as well as on citrus, especially lemon and lime eppo 2005a.

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